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Latest Windows 10 Update Problems


FML and FMS. I don't have it, never use it, and yet somehow everything seems to work just fine without it.No need to install half a gigabyte of Microsoft's bullshit code that has no A proportion of users upgraded on the day, but a majority took the decision to stay where they were, happy in their well-understood and vastly more stable surroundings. Submitted by Jake the Snake on Sat, 2016-04-09 02:47.Stop the wuauserv service and then you can delete the entire contents of the SoftwareDistribution folder in W7. http://harryhooie.com/windows-10/windows-update-problems-today.html

So how exactly did I get an unsolicited 447-megabyte installation of Silverlight 5.1.50428.0 on August 6? Thanks, Microsoft.Windows Update is one of those components of Windows 10 that is ideally neither seen nor heard. BUT.. It’s a lot more useful than the original design, and much more visually appealing, too.The Action Center’s icon in the taskbar will also display a badge showing how many unread notifications view publisher site

Latest Windows 10 Update Problems

Compatibility needs to be tested thoroughly according t Re:Do they think that everyone is stupid? (Score:5, Insightful) by Rockoon ( 1252108 ) writes: on Saturday August 20, 2016 @03:23PM (#52739315) If Reply Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Chrome or Firefox to download the updates.https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/windowsitpro/2016/05/17/simplifying-updates-for-windows-7-and-8-1/Geez, it was about time.

Yes (Score:2) by thegarbz ( 1787294 ) writes: Their collected telemetry shows yes. Re: (Score:2) by zwarte piet ( 1023413 ) writes: ksudoku is also fun Re: (Score:2) by Z00L00K ( 682162 ) writes: Sokoban please. Re: (Score:2) by LVSlushdat ( 854194 ) writes: I sure the hell think you forgot the /s there, Sparky.. Windows 10 Update Problems With Wifi That would burden the MS servers.

Ditch that crap for good, so glad i did it. Windows Update Problems Today Steam provided great Linux versions of enough of my games I no longer need Windows, and my job is moving from C++ on Windows + Linux to JS on Azure & Methods and comments (Score:5, Informative) by Futurepower(R) ( 558542 ) writes: on Saturday August 20, 2016 @05:43PM (#52739973) Homepage Quoting the parent comment, with modifications: We've seen Microsoft's continuous stream https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/upcoming-features Here are some big pieces of information that you fail to disclose.

It worked for me. Windows 10 Update Problems September 2016 What is going on with Windows Update? How long until... (Score:2) by erp_consultant ( 2614861 ) writes: the monthly patch includes Windows 10 - whether you want it or not? December 19, 2016 at 2:06 pm # Is latestwu.diagcab or windowsupdatediagnostic.diagcab kind of sort of the same thing?

Windows Update Problems Today

Reply Laura B June 21, 2016 at 4:57 am My biggest issue is that it uninstalled my Office 2013 and installed O365, and has now uninstalled that. Re: Sounds like a great idea! (Score:2) by Anonymous Coward writes: I'll be even safer on a Mac Re: Sounds like a great idea! (Score:5, Funny) by bmo ( 77928 ) Latest Windows 10 Update Problems Do This First! New Windows 10 Update Taking Forever Edited by Willy22, 08 June 2016 - 02:27 AM.

The Win 10 update gets to 40% then halts with the usual error message, then reverts to a previous version of Win 10. navigate here Or how many fixes did you need to get it right? Or you use tricks like setting your internet connection to a metered connection. Re: (Score:2) by toonces33 ( 841696 ) writes: That's pretty much it. Windows 10 Update Problems 2016

The problem is that microsoft isn't a fan of 'sustainable' either, so sticking to documented interfaces doesn't guarantee a thing. Re:stop updating completely (Score:5, Insightful) by Man On Pink Corner ( 1089867 ) writes: on Saturday August 20, 2016 @03:20PM (#52739303) Agreed. I don't know if you've seen any national news int he past 6 months or so... Check This Out Re:Sounds like a great idea! (Score:5, Informative) by Anonymous Brave Guy ( 457657 ) writes: on Saturday August 20, 2016 @07:06PM (#52740329) Actually, there does appear to be a somewhat reasonable

Read More , as and when they arrive, in a scheme designed to maximize the number of users accessing a computer with completely up-to-date security fixes and feature patches. New Windows Update Problems Edited by bignurse, 10 June 2016 - 11:32 AM. And then they have achieved their usual clusterf**k by stuffing up the installation, crashing PCs in their hundreds of thousands and coming up with the really helpful "oh dear, it is

Look for the first Play Anywhere games to land in September.

But there is some potentially bad news: In the Anniversary Update, you’ll no longer be able to disable Cortana completely. This was much more an issue in the early days of Windows 10 and we now see most Cumulative Updates downloaded and installed relatively quietly. You can download the update from the Windows Update catalog (currently only usable with IE) and manually install the MSU (again, stop the Windows Update service before doing a double click Latest Windows 10 Update Stuck Read More due in July, everyone will be able to set active hours, during which Windows Update will hold still.

Did Microsoft just upgrade your computer to Windows 10? Microsoft needs to be made to understand that even though we are using their operating systems, it is NOT THEIR COMPUTER !!!! But if you want to re-install Windows 7 anyway, it doesn't matter. this contact form Why do Adobe Flash and the Windows operating system have so many vulnerabilities?

not caring about a telemetry update or two, the vast majority of the world will happily plod along with the latter option.