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How To Wipe A Hard Drive


Is there any way to get the drive letter to show up again without INITIALIZE DISK? Check which manufacturer made the drive. I JUST GET A BOX THAT SAYS "PLEASE SELECT THE DRIVE" WITH NOTHING ELSE IN THE BOX TO SELECT!!!! Run Windows Disk Management console and see if there is any free space that is not used by any partition. 4. http://harryhooie.com/hard-drive/how-to-wipe-an-external-hard-drive-windows-10.html

After about 20-30 minutes, it quit making the clicking noise but was still giving me the intel boot failed messages. There was a time when I was moved to change my office PC's to small form Shuttle PC's…but then I immediately noticed that a lot of the ladies immediately gave into Try the drive in another machine, (slight drive voltage change assumed to be the miracle worker here). Once I tried this it worked like a charm!) Thanks Again, Jo

JoMo on November 25, 2007 12:22 am My computer came with a single 40 gig hard drive. http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/id-1653042/drive-cloning.html

How To Wipe A Hard Drive

It is a complete backup of your system up to the point of cloning. The drive starts up, I hear the windows usb connect sound, but it doesn't show up on my computer. Next try after I let it come back to normal temperatur and freezing down -14 degree I have got for a second a USB recognition on my XP, a window opened A shorted transistor will un-short, and then perform normally.

do you say that because he's never heard of this "Trick" I'm not saying it wont ever work but this more often than not will do exactly the opposite the drives When it is finished the entire operation (takes hours!) there is NO "Bad Sector" on the HDD that any OS could gain access to and use, so the HDD appears perfect Lillie Reply August 22, 2007 I tried freezing it but all that came up afterwards was ‘invalid boot disk,' just like before i froze it. Samsung Ssd When you power up the drive, the heads and arm do not move away from the park post to 0 sector until the motor is at full speed.

Nicole Reckling Reply March 19, 2010 I am so excited to try this. External Hard Drive OWC is selling enterprise grade SSDs which are very reliable. Well its in the freezer now. http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-1872439/hdd-mobo-cpu.html I don't think an entire hard drive can be formatted in 2 seconds.Can someone please help.

This will re-establish in BIOS's records where that HDD is located so it can find and boot from it.3. Windows 10 It's a seagate 1TB backup drive. So why wouldn't you use an SSD in this case? Most hard drives do have a way to circulate air.

External Hard Drive

Not all IDE/SATA adapters are supported though. http://lifehacker.com/how-long-will-my-hard-drives-really-last-1700405627 Rahul Mistry Actually life of HDD depends on its usage. How To Wipe A Hard Drive SSDs are considered consumable, since they will eventually fail, making backups even more important. Ssd You could probably get away with leaving it in for a shorter time frame but this is usually how long I leave it in for.


blawson on October 24, 2007 5:31 am You saved me !! check my blog I knew it was HD failure because I was able to hear the hard drive trying to go on and off, and it just kept restarting itself. solved Cloning my old hard drive to a new one and then using it as extra storage. This is a consideration that is usually accounted for when designing HDD's, although manufacturing tradeoffs can allow it to occur under extreme circumstances, such as when the drive is very hot Western Digital

The 1TB drive developed an error after I ghosted the image of my old C: drive on to it, causing the BIOS to register the drive as only 33mb! thanx Casey Reply August 6, 2007 Hey Ste, Leaving it in the freezer overnight while you sleep should be sufficient. PC/Laptop manufacturer creates HPA Manufacturer of your PC can create a "Host protected area" on your hard drive to store an image of the original operating system and programs. http://harryhooie.com/hard-drive/what-is-a-hard-drive-used-for.html I'm a professional photographer and I stopped shooting film around 2004.

IBM took the "deathstar" disaster seriously and heavily compensated customers. Pcpartpicker My laptop has Xp on it for an operating system. http://www.facebook.com/cees.timmerman Cees Timmerman I've had great success with GetDataBack for NTFS when my external Toshiba drive failed and took the partition table or whatnot with it.

The best options are both aimed at completely wiping out the old data and yielding a new empty HDD to use.1.

Went from OCZ to Samsung, will never go back. The other desktop HDD also became the clone of this one and it started showing 28 MB rpoviding all the data loss. Robert Giordano DVDs aren't practical for my data storage needs and I've seen estimates that DVDs burned in consumer burners will only last 5 to 10 years, while commercially burned DVDs Newegg Joey Reply September 10, 2011 Does it have to stay in the Freezer for 24 hours or can it be less time??????

Yes I know this sounds crazy and, believe me, I thought it was until I actually saw it work. Thanks! Step 3: Next, pull the drive out of the freezer and hook it up to a computer. http://harryhooie.com/hard-drive/unallocated-hard-drive-how-to-fix.html When you FIRST start up the system with the new mobo installed, you should have your original Windows Install CD in the optical drive.

Anyhow, the cost per memory cell for MRAM is one of the highest for any memory type. I'll try the DOS version. Still no problems. Thought and hoped maybe it was the cicuit board on the caddy that was damaged so bought a new caddy and fitted the hd in that.

This is NOT necessary, but I think it a good precaution - it just takes several HOURS to do the job. If the heads have crashed or are dead, which will also cause the clicking because the heads can't read anymore, freezing will do nothing. so my question is this: if I need more time, can I just repeat the process? It makes the data more ‘readable,' but for a one-shot deal.

However, during the Full Format process (not Quick Format), Windows does its own testing like CHKDSK and keeps its own records of any "bad sectors" it finds and marks them in Beverly Cownover Reply March 30, 2007 I want everyone to know about my experience with my hard drive. I tried everything, including zeroing out the entire drive (took 24 hrs0 and the damn DDO is still there. When i try to restore the Raptor's capacity i get an error saying the device is currently in use and that i should try to remove it from the device manager.

I believe I've covered everything. Each such write also triggers an internal self-diagnosis process that re-reads the Sector and analyzes the quality of the signal. Thank you Thannk you, Thank you. I can also say that I have seen this technique work.

My PC is a dell XPS 400. From: Cheyenne Robert Alspach Here are some drive recovery tricks that have worked for me, in the order that I do them. Is there any way of checking this or indeed replacing the board. Flash technology is in theory a good contender to HDDs where energy consumption and read speed requirements trump storage space and write speed requirements.