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BSOD when switching user

BSOD when going to/from FullScreen w/playing Games/Watching Videos

BSOD when connected to internet (13 October 2012)

BSOD when launching Star Wars: The Old Republic

BSOD when browsing the web

BSOD when watching videos on sports-tv.eu

BSOD when removing USB serial adapter

BSOD When Browsing Internet

BSOD when trying to install programs!

BSOD When trying to run Windows XP Mode

BSOD when installing/updating WoW

BSOD when ?browse/open file? window is launched - error 0x0000001E

BSOD when quitting a heavy load game / Driver Verifier

BSOD when usiing Adobe CS6 on Lenovo X230 Laptop

BSOD When Playing Games System_Service_Exception

BSOD. When converting raw

BSOD when playing battlefield 3


BSOD when multitasking and running overnight

Bsod when plugging in headphones

BSOD when done loading map BFbc2

BSOD when using music software and other unpredictable occasions

BSoD When gaming or just general usage (web browsing

Bsod when playing 0x00000124 Hal.dll ntoskrnl.exe

BSOD when extracting large file

BSOD when playing game and streaming videos. Info files attached.


BSOD when using the browser

BSOD when browsing

BSOD when changing Windows Appearance Settings

BSOD when sync iphone on Windows 7

BSOD when 6 cores are working

BSOD when inserting external hard drive

BSOD when playing Maplestory stop error

BSOD When PC idle atikmdag.sys and ntoskrnl.exe

BSOD when plugging in Motorola Atrix

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